The Dog & Cat (A Poem)

The Dog & Cat (A Poem)

When I am sad my dog comforts me

My cat licks my hand to make me feel better When I shake a bag of treats

They come running When I lay in bed they come

And they snuggle with me to keep me warm When it's summer time we play

We swim, play fetch, and run around When I do remote learning my cat rubs

On my chromebook and my dog sleeps on my lap

When I was 3 I got my dog I named him Donut And he never left my side

When I got my cat I was excited and happy

Training her was hard-it took patience

When I get home from school my dog is happy and excited He greets me with a few barks my

cat greets me with a meow

When it's time to go to bed my cat wants to play with me My dog wants to sleep because he's lazy

When I'm with my dog and cat I feel Happy because I know they love me

When I am with my dog alone He comforts me and tells me to go for it

When I am with my cat She snuggles with me and she tells me pursue your dreams

When I think about it real hard They are my life, my love, my family


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